Southern Designers Leading the “Made in USA” Charge

Ever since officially joining the “Made in USA” community this Spring, we’ve been overwhelmed and inspired by fashion brands like ours that are committed to creating a better local, regional and national fashion economy. Entrepreneurs and brands making USA fashion are few and far between, and statistics about the clothing we buy here are pretty grim. Journalist Erika Miller sums up the predicament pretty well in a report she did for PBS’s Nightly Business Report:

Like many people, I was well aware of the statistics about the decline of apparel manufacturing in the U.S. just 5% of clothes sold in America are made in America, compared to 95% in the 60’s. The decline, of course, is a reflection of the striking difference in pay for a NYC Garment Center worker (roughly $18 an hour) versus a worker, say, in Burma (roughly 8 cents an hour).

And while we were pleased to find out that some major labels like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s StyleMint and The Row lines are USA made, along with most of Nanette Lepore’s dresses, we are most impressed by small fashion businesses like ours that are doing it, too. So, here’s nod to a couple of our Southern neighbors that proudly wear the made in USA label.

Jolie & Elizabeth // 

This fashion brand specializes in making the sweetest summer seersucker dresses. Their frocks epitomize Southern style, and are all roughly $200 or under. We love their style, and we’ve included a couple of our favorite pieces, which you can shop here.

Kristin Drohan Collection //

Described as “eco friendly, durable and high style” Kristin Drohan’s furniture collections are stylish and made entirely in Hickory, NC. Her pieces are functional, beautiful and “green” in so many ways. We’ve hand-picked some of our faves, but we encourage you to check out her full collection here.

Kristin Drohan Collection


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