4 Steps to Creating Layer Envy

In a recent post where we gave you the 411 on upping your style game without breaking the bank, where we talked about the secret power of layering. The reason why celebs and models always look dressed to perfection in magazines? Layers. The key to keeping warm and looking stylish? Layers. Here’s some basics that will get you started on your way to layer envy!

1) 3-4 Long Sleeves, various patterns and colors

The long sleeve is probably one of the most overlooked and underutilized layers. Probably because when left alone on the shelf, a plain long sleeve seems so boring – but when paired with a button up and a cardigan or chunky sweater, the long sleeve is a KEY piece. We recommend at least one stripe, one solid that matches (or contrasts!) well with your personal wardrobe, and one classic white.

2) Colorful tank tops: the bolder the better

Tank tops seem contradictory in the winter, but a tiny burst of color can go a long way when peeping out of a boatneck sweater and peacoat ensemble. Or what about wearing it under a sweater dress with tights? At every turn, a couple bright tank tops is the key to adding subtle pops of color.

3) Printed tees, in a variety of necklines

Printed tees come in handy when pulled on over a button up, or layered under a sheer sweater.

4) Outerwear and accessories

Jackets of various weights, lightweight and heavy knit scarves, knit mittens and fingerless gloves. These are the outerwear accessories that will complete your lovely layering. The devil’s in the details, so don’t forget to change up your outerwear style. Try layering two light weight jackets or wear a chunky, heavy knit sweater instead of your heavy winter jacket everyday.


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