Honoring Craftsmanship

It’s oddly ironic today that my mind is on craftsmanship, but with the the craziness that surrounds cyber monday (of which we are participating, too!) I thought it’d be a nice contrast to reflect on the beauty of making great clothing. We talk about craftsmanship a lot at the office. Having been told by many manufacturers that our products are too difficult or time intensive to make, it can be a challenge to refocus factories, customers, buyers and retailers on quality, not quantity.

Hermes, which was one of the founding fathers of the “slow clothing” movement, recently did a beautiful artisan-inspired art installation on the lost art of creating quality clothing. Yes, Hermes is a luxury brand and out of most everyday consumers price range (including myself!), but I admire how they’ve championed contemporary craftsmanship. Here’s some details on this inspiring installation:

“Contemporary Craftsmanship” // Hermès: contemporary artisan. A unique interpretation by CuldeSac™.

Like every season, Hermès launches its new collection of accessories inspired in the maison’s brand values.

“Contemporary craftsmanship” highlights the brand´s savoir-faire and the artisan´s work through a contemporary prism portraying Hermès accessories as timeless objects of art.

Time and balance, discipline and precision, craftsmanship and raw materials, curiosity… And the artisan’s maxim: bringing objects to life.

Nine installations with artisan soul designed by the creative team devised a magical tour around the 400m2 stately house, emulating the behind the scenes environment of the atelier, capturing the magic and values of the artisan work.


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