Wish Us Luck!



Today, our Founder/CEO, Rachel Weeks, and COO, Susan Williams, are headed to New Jersey to unveil our Fall 2012 line with Barnes & Noble College. It’s been a stressful, hectic, crazy week as it always is when wrapping up the finishing touches on samples, trend boards and an entire re-brand of your line (if you haven’t yet, check out our new look on ShopSchoolHouse.com!).

What most people probably don’t know is that School House consists of our tiny (but mighty!) team of five. And for the past couple months our designer has been working hand in hand with Rachel and Susan to create patterns and samples (the crucial first step!), test fabrics, scout trends and create an entire look and feel for our collection. 

Our theme for Fall 2012 is also our mantra, American Collegiate Craftsmanship. Anytime we create a new piece for our line or think about what School House looks like one, three or five years from now, we put it to the ACC test. What sets our brand apart will be these three principles, and what it creates are collections that are classic yet modern, well-crafted and special, and most importantly  sourced and made locally with our friends and neighbors. 

Keep us in your thoughts – we’re so excited to share all of our new pieces with you soon!  


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