Garland Shirt Company (AKA Brooks Brothers)

Brooks Brothers is an iconic brand with a surprising Made in USA story. Their classic cotton oxfords and polos are crafted in our home state of North Carolina, just 100 miles SE of our headquarters in Durham. Recently, our team visited the factory and its amazing outlet store, and came back with more than some cute heels and tweed blazers; they had a renewed faith in our mission to create quality American apparel.

The team-oriented culture at the Garland Shirt Factory is one we’ve dreamed of ever since we officially launched nearly three years ago. A diverse factory where employees are respected for their craft and care more about the end product than a paycheck. It’s what we envision for the 21st century American garment manufacturer. It’s the pride we have when we watch one of our School House cardigans or tees being made. It’s what get’s us going every morning.

Check out this quick 5 minute video and see why you won’t find many oxford shirts in the Garland outlet store (hint: they’re not making many mistakes!)


The Making of a Collection

The making of a collection is a big deal. Being on the factory floor and seeing a garment crafted before your eyes is an eye-opening experience, and one I wish more people would pay attention to. In a world where so much can be automated and done by a machine, the sewing of a garment – particularly one with as much detail as Burberry – is a sight to behold.

This video on the making for Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2012 women’s line reminded me so much of the first time I walked on one of our factory floors and saw a School House cardigan sewn in front of my eyes. From initial sketch to completion, I hope we never forget that clothes are made and manufactured by people and by hand. Sometimes that kind of craftsmanship can lead to a bit of sticker shock (I myself don’t even own a piece of Burberry), but anything made with craft, care and artistry always will be more expensive than their assembly line, fast fashion counterparts. To me, the investment in items I know will last are worth it in moderation and I think this video displays exactly why that’s true.

Happy Monday & Happy New Year!