Triple Crown Madness

Horse Racing is one of America’s oldest sports- and Saturday could be a huge day of history in the making for horse racing and America alike. Saturday is the day for the Belmont Stakes- the third and final leg to horse racing’s most prestigious set of races known as the Triple Crown. In order to be a Triple Crown Winner a horse must win all 3 races – The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes- which is no easy feat. So far only 11 horses have won the Triple Crown, and there hasn’t been a winner since 1978. But one lucky horse, I’ll Have Another, has the chance to win the Triple Crown after winning the first two legs of the crown earlier this year.

With all the excitement, there is no better way to celebrate than a Triple Crown viewing party!Whether you’re betting or watching for fun, get your friends together and dress your best for “a day at the races.”

For some fashion tips at the racecourse, try to go girly. Think pearls, peplum bodices, lace collars, etc. Go with a sundress and plenty of accessories, but don’t forget this spring/summer’s fashionable styles! Try color blocking or using patterns and pastels to create the perfect look. And don’t forget the head gear! Although the Kentucky Derby women are most known for their big hats, there are plenty of hats at the other races, too! If a big floppy hat bothers you than try a headband with a flower or bow on it.

Outfits from left to right:

Dress: $46, Shoes: $56, headband:

Dress: $38, shoes: $31, hat: $23

Dress: $80, belt: $30, shoes: $60, headband: L.Erickson pretty bow $42

Or if you’re cheering on the Derby winner I’ll Have Another, wear his signature purple and white colors!

Dress:, Necklace: $50, belt: $50, Shoes: $80

Tune in on Saturday at 4:30 pm for the race!