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Welcome to: Our New Office!

OK, so we know we’ve been bragging about our new office to you for the past 2 months and you have yet to see anything than maybe a leopard chair. But honestly, we’ve been busy this summer! In fact, we’ve been too busy to even have time to decorate, but, this week we finally decided to get organized and bring out our interior decorator skills.

We only moved about 2 blocks away from our old offices in Durham, NC, but it has really made quite the difference! Although we loved the big, 1 room studio we used to work in- we needed a place where we could hold meetings without having our interns in the background sorting through our racks of clothes. So, take a look at what we’re working with now!

We’re located on the 2nd floor of our building. As soon as you walk upstairs all of our offices our located off this main hallway. We each have our own office now! Plus a room for our interns to work

The first people you meet when you walk upstairs? Our two lovely manikins, decked out in our favorite Fall Collection items (Oxford shirt dress and the shawl collar cardigan!)

All of the offices have one big wall painted in a bright color. Other than that though, they aren’t too decorated, with the exception being our CEO Rachel Weeks. She’s a little crazy obsessed with leopard print (hence the chairs) and has plenty of Made in USA inspiration around the room.

This is where the magic happens! One big room houses our WIP, design area, and everything else that goes in to making our collections.


We just had to include some of the quirky decorations we found for the place. We love the retro feel they give to the office, which go perfectly with the bright colored walls.

What do you guys think of the office? Do you love it as much as we do?

Athletes Made In USA, Uniforms not

In case you haven’t heard, the U.S. Olympic team recently released their uniforms for the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, and the release has left a lot of critics in its wake. The uniforms were designed by none other than Ralph Lauren- a brand bred out of the American legacy of tradition and craftsmanship. However, despite the origins of the brand, like the other products of the company, the actual uniforms were made in China. Wide-spread speculation has crossed throughout the country, and Congress, that the U.S. uniforms should ¬†in fact be made in the U.S.A. 4 years ago this same debate was brought to attention when Ralph Lauren created uniforms that were once again made in China. So the question is, is it the responsibility of our Olympic team to represent our country through ¬†American-made uniforms?

Many Congressman think so. In recent years, companies (like us) have been moving their manufacturing factories back to the U.S. There’s a sense of pride to say that your products are 100% Made In USA- the labor, the craftsmanship, and the high quality all reflect what our country has to offer. And people are looking, and need, these textile/manufacturing jobs in the country. If the U.S. is so proud of what our manufacturing has to offer, why would the U.S. Olympic team wear China made products? That is the question being raised. Some Congressmen went so far as to say that the “uniforms should be “put in a pile and burned.”

But the Olympic team has a different view. In a response to the heightened criticism, a U.S. Olympic committee representative said, “The U.S. Olympic team is privately funded and we‚Äôre grateful for the support of our sponsors. We‚Äôre proud of our partnership with Ralph Lauren, an iconic¬†American¬†company.‚ÄĚ (¬†L.A. Times)

The question is, how far is too far? When does International manufacturing begin to tear away at American pride? When would we ever think that the Olympics could cut down our patriotism- instead of elevate it? Our uniforms is the answer.

What is your opinion? Do you think that our uniforms should be Made in USA- or is everyone making a big deal out of nothing? Tell us what you think!


Triple Crown Madness

Horse Racing is one of America’s oldest sports- and Saturday could be a huge day of history in the making for horse racing and America alike. Saturday is the day for the Belmont Stakes- the third and final leg to horse racing’s most prestigious set of races known as the Triple Crown. In order to be a Triple Crown Winner a horse must win all 3 races – The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes- which is no easy feat. So far only 11 horses have won the Triple Crown, and there hasn’t been a winner since 1978. But one lucky horse, I’ll Have Another, has the chance to win the Triple Crown after winning the first two legs of the crown earlier this year.

With all the excitement, there is no better way to celebrate than a Triple Crown viewing party!Whether you’re betting or watching for fun, get your friends together and dress your best for “a day at the races.”

For some fashion tips at the racecourse, try to go girly. Think pearls, peplum bodices, lace collars, etc. Go with a sundress and plenty of accessories, but don’t forget this spring/summer’s fashionable styles! Try color blocking or using patterns and pastels to create the perfect look. And don’t forget the head gear! Although the Kentucky Derby women are most known for their big hats, there are plenty of hats at the other races, too! If a big floppy hat bothers you than try a headband with a flower or bow on it.

Outfits from left to right:

Dress: fatface.com $46, Shoes: wallisfashion.com $56, headband: target.com

Dress: axparis.co.uk $38, shoes: asos.com $31, hat: houseoffraser.co.uk $23

Dress: topshop.com $80, belt: topshop.com $30, shoes: tobi.com $60, headband: L.Erickson pretty bow $42

Or if you’re cheering on the Derby winner I’ll Have Another, wear his signature purple and white colors!

Dress: aritzia.com, Necklace: modcloth.com $50, belt: awear.com $50, Shoes: stevemadden.com $80

Tune in on Saturday at 4:30 pm for the race!

Then to Now- Ebay Vintage College Apparel

We all know that fashion is continuously changing.  Styles go out, new styles come in, old styles come back again etc.  We thought it would be interesting to take a look at some vintage college swag compared to what we see today. Remember all of these pieces you can find on ebay!


First we have a Purdue University vintage men’s satin jacket from the 1980’s.


This is a Swingster, gold and black satin jacket that snaps up the front. ¬†While this particular jacket is from the 80’s this style is classic and is still being used by many college apparel designers.




In contrast, we have a modern day Purdue University pullover jacket.


Besides the obvious style difference you can also see the color scheme has been changed slightly. ¬†The gold used in this jacket is nowhere near as vibrant as the gold used in the 1980’s jacket.







Next up is Iowa State. ¬†Also from the 80’s is this Iowa State snap button jacket.

This is a back view of the jacket so the Iowa State is shown.  While a similar style to the vintage Purdue jacket, the coloring is really what screams vintage.





Nowadays an Iowa State jacket looks a lot more like this Element full zip jacket.



Here again you can see the color change that has happened over the years. ¬†Both the “red” and the “gold” colors are very different shades now. ¬†Keep in mind wear and tear on the 1980’s jacket but there is still quite a difference.





Last we have a Kent State Flock Print athletic sweatshirt from the 1960’s!


Besides being a little worn (which makes it so comfy) this Kent State sweatshirt is still very in. ¬†We’ve seen a lot of styles lately who have been copying this older, but never dated, look. ¬†The coloring might not be perfect but the shape and the very visible seams makes it fashion forward no matter the decade.







And finally a more modern Kent State piece. This midweight full zip hoody can be find anywhere and for any school.



This hoody really is everywhere. ¬†Something about its simple design and quality material makes it the perfect sweater to go to a game in or to hit the books in the library. ¬†There is quite a style difference between this hoody and the sweater from the 60’s, but ¬†I have to say I would wear both of them.





Which do you prefer? ¬†Today’s gear or the vintage collection?

Also don’t forget, everything on this post can still be found on ebay!