Then to Now- Ebay Vintage College Apparel

We all know that fashion is continuously changing.  Styles go out, new styles come in, old styles come back again etc.  We thought it would be interesting to take a look at some vintage college swag compared to what we see today. Remember all of these pieces you can find on ebay!


First we have a Purdue University vintage men’s satin jacket from the 1980’s.


This is a Swingster, gold and black satin jacket that snaps up the front.  While this particular jacket is from the 80’s this style is classic and is still being used by many college apparel designers.




In contrast, we have a modern day Purdue University pullover jacket.


Besides the obvious style difference you can also see the color scheme has been changed slightly.  The gold used in this jacket is nowhere near as vibrant as the gold used in the 1980’s jacket.







Next up is Iowa State.  Also from the 80’s is this Iowa State snap button jacket.

This is a back view of the jacket so the Iowa State is shown.  While a similar style to the vintage Purdue jacket, the coloring is really what screams vintage.





Nowadays an Iowa State jacket looks a lot more like this Element full zip jacket.



Here again you can see the color change that has happened over the years.  Both the “red” and the “gold” colors are very different shades now.  Keep in mind wear and tear on the 1980’s jacket but there is still quite a difference.





Last we have a Kent State Flock Print athletic sweatshirt from the 1960’s!


Besides being a little worn (which makes it so comfy) this Kent State sweatshirt is still very in.  We’ve seen a lot of styles lately who have been copying this older, but never dated, look.  The coloring might not be perfect but the shape and the very visible seams makes it fashion forward no matter the decade.







And finally a more modern Kent State piece. This midweight full zip hoody can be find anywhere and for any school.



This hoody really is everywhere.  Something about its simple design and quality material makes it the perfect sweater to go to a game in or to hit the books in the library.  There is quite a style difference between this hoody and the sweater from the 60’s, but  I have to say I would wear both of them.





Which do you prefer?  Today’s gear or the vintage collection?

Also don’t forget, everything on this post can still be found on ebay!


3 Reasons Why It’s Cool to Wear your College Shirt

When I was in college, I was not at all interested in wearing my institution’s tees or sweaters. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my school, but there just seemed something cheap about wearing my $9.95 generic college tee when it wasn’t game day. Having gone to a big state school that was obsessed with college sports, maybe it was my own form of personal rebellion – wanting to stand out amidst my classmates. But looking back I feel a bit ashamed I don’t have a single hoodie or tee to my name after five years in undergrad and graduate school. So in my bout of nostalgia, I bring you three reasons why you should (proudly!) invest in college merch.

Everyone LOVES their alma mater. There’s a reason why “where did you go to school?” continues to be one of the mostly widely used ice breakers of all time. Whether you believe it or not, where you go to school has a lot of influence on your life during and after college. I’ve used my alumni network to find jobs, connect with old friends, learn something new or find comfort when feeling a bit homesick. It’s crazy how running into someone from your college can boost your spirits, rouse up old stories or just bring back a sense of familiarity that we all miss. For this reason, I’ll throw on an old college tee on a Saturday while shopping, etc. and I’m always surprised by who I’ll meet just because my shirt says “Nebraska.”

Ohio State Shirt, $28,

There will be more acceptable opportunities in your life to wear college gear than you think. Yes, it’s hard to imagine a time where you’ll wear your college hoodie outside of tailgates and game days, but you will. In nearly every workplace I’ve been at, HR has hosted an alma mater day or sports day where it’s acceptable to forego business casual for your favorite sports shirt. Then there’s the sports bars, theme parties and social gatherings you’ll go to, all of which at some point will include you wearing an old college tee. Plus, at some point you will end up going back to one of your college’s sporting events, and there’s no better feeling than coming back to campus and wearing a shirt you bought when you went there. There’s sentimental value. And what about down the road, when you’ll want to pass that valuable merch onto kids, nieces, nephews, etc. who will ultimately think your “vintage” college gear is cool?

Rutgers Fitted Tee, $28,

With more fashionable options than ever, why not? When I first started college way back in 2005 (ouch), I had about zero fashionable college options. There were boxy $9.95 shirts or Adidas Climamax shirts, and neither of those fit into my wardrobe at the time (nor do they now). In fact, it’s probably why 3/4 of the college shirts I own were freebies from campus groups. But now there are SO many options. From fitted and featherweight tees and vintage prints/styles to supersoft hoodies, pullovers and zip up jackets that don’t look like they were made for a demographic ages 18-65, you can look cool in college gear. If you can’t find it at your bookstore, LMGTFY. The internet has a wide array of gear, from vintage on ebay to newfound favorites, and it’s all a click away.

UNLV Varsity Cardigan, $70,

The bottom line? Be grateful that cool college brands and garments exist, and proudly wear your favorite college tee. I promise that it will come in handy someday, and you’ll never regret having an extra college hoodie around.

On-Field Fashion: 3 Football Inspired Trends

Today, we’re turning our fashion inspiration to the field. Believe it or not, college football uniforms have gotten a bit of a makeover lately. We’re giving props to the men this time, and translating trends from the field to the bleachers. Whether it’s Oregon’s splashes of neon or some color blocking and ombre touches, here’s some fashion hits from the field.

University of Michigan: Color blocking and Stripes
During a recent match up against Notre Dame, Michigan sported a “throw back uniform” that had some very modern touches to it. Firstly, those are stripes on the sleeve, and we sense some distinct colorblocking happening. The helmet is awesome (does the front resemble a mustache a bit?), and the classic Michigan “M” has some detailing that’s pretty noteworthy. Michiganites (if that’s what you call yourselves), here’s how we’d translate the look.


Carven Color-Block Merino Sweater, $560,
Pattern Scarf, $189,
Gola Jersey Messenger Bag,
Jeggings Cords, $168,

Boise State University: Ombre
Some have dubbed this the “power ranger” look, but our discerning fashion eye spots a familiar trend: ombre. Ombre, which in french means “shaded,” and is denoted by the graduating of color from light to dark, is obvious on the sleeves and shoes of this number. Most recently, you saw this trend on Kristen Wiig of SNL at the Emmy’s, and today we’re showing you how to wear it on gameday.
Stormy sweater, $80,
Hudson quilted crossbody purse, $198,
Sparkle and fade chiffon mini skirt, $49,

University of Oregon: Neon
You knew they’d be on here. The Ducks + Nike are football’s equivalent to Alexander McQueen. Shocking. Bold. Always making a statement, you either love or hate the Ducks uniforms. Anyway you look at it, they’re sporting one of our most coveted trends for Spring: neon. We love you, Ducks. Bring on the drama. (A SH side note: Oregon fans, look for School House in your bookstore beginning in October!)
OregonNeon green striped top, $24,
Moto black skinny jeans, $80,
School House Varsity Cardigan, $70,
Vans lace up sneakers, $45,